Hi Christel,
I think this is a very common issue that comes in lots of varieties.  
Not only is college work different than high school work, but,  
correspondingly, college tutoring is as well, especially if it is  
being provided by the institution rather than a private provider.  Our  
goals are aligned with the institutional goals and those include  
independence, and self-direction.

One way to communicate these expectations is by articulating how  
students can get the most from tutoring and what kind of tutoring will  
serve the student best in the long run. Our is a different kind of  
tutoring context, granted, but the following is one way we shape  
students' expectations about tutoring on campus.

Getting the Most out of Study Hall Group Tutoring

Work toward mastering concepts and skills rather than focusing on  
obtaining the answers to specific questions.  The tutor’s role is to  
guide you in this process. Think ahead to the exam and use homework  
problems to learn the skills necessary to solve exam-level (harder  
than homework) questions on your own.

Expect the tutors to ask you questions about the material!  Explaining  
what you know and talking through your approach, research on learning  
shows, is more valuable than hearing an explanation from a tutor.

Study Hall is a group tutoring format, so you will be expected—and  
prompted by your tutor—to work with classmates. You should definitely  
work independently as well, but working collaboratively offers unique  
opportunities to learn from others and check your understanding of  
concepts, techniques and specific problems Come      prepared and use  
the group setting to achieve the mastery Princeton exams demand.

Try to avoid waiting until the day before an assignment is due to seek  
tutoring. Many students use Study Hall to check their answers and  
build on their understanding AFTER completing problem sets on their  
own. Spend a few hours each day keeping up with your assignments; it  
is easier to keep up than to catch up!
On Apr 26, 2012, at 3:42 PM, Christel A Taylor wrote:

> I work closely with our Coordinator of Accessibility Services. We  
> have run into several situations recently where her students (and  
> their families) have expectations of tutoring that don't match what  
> we actually provide. For instance, one current student had a tutor  
> for every single class in high school. What this meant is that she  
> had someone work with her on all her homework, for every single  
> class. Rather than try to do her homework on her own and come to the  
> tutor with the things she found challenging, she simply always had a  
> tutor on hand when doing her homework. She now expects her tutor to  
> go through every single problem with her and is then frustrated when  
> they run out of time.
> We are looking for a simple way to communicate with our students and  
> families to help them have appropriate expectations of our tutoring  
> services. I thought I'd check to see if anyone on this list has  
> something like this already that they might be willing to share to  
> get my brainstorming started.
> Thanks!
> Chris
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