I am not sure if you are referring to one-on-one or group tutoring, but
all our tutoring is drop-in group tutoring.  We coordinate it out of our
office (which until last month was a corner in the library, now we have a
building dedicated to the Academic Success Center).  We have purposefully
had tutoring take place in several locations around campus (Tutor Zones -
"borrowed" from TAMU).  We use the library in the center of campus, the
student union on one side of campus and a student center on the other side
= 3 zones.  We decided that when we moved into the building, we would not
centralize all tutoring here, but rather add a 4th zone.  The idea for us
was to be as visible across campus as possible, and I think it is helping.
 Student tutors wear a light mesh vest (orange or green - depending on
content area) and place a table tent on their tutoring table with the
course/subject to be covered.  This allows students seeking help a way to
recognize the tutor.  I have attached a word document that has a photo
taken recently (in the library tutoring zone) for some of our promotional
materials.  This will give you an idea of what I just described.
Hope this is helpful.
Have a great weekend,

M. Elaine Richardson, PhD
Director, Academic Success Center
Immediate Past President, NCLCA
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634
(864) 656-6212
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>Hello all:
>Currently at the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center all tutoring takes
>place at our location and both students and tutors sign in as present
>at a front desk computer on our tailored version of Accutrack.
>Due to space limitations there has been discussion on our campus to no
>longer have a centralized place where students and tutors meet.
>I wanted to ask members if they could comment on what they see as the
>positives and negatives of decentralizing tutoring and allowing
>tutoring to happen at whatever location on campus or off campus the
>tutor and student agree.
>If we were to implement this system I see a wide range of potential
>issues, but I would be curious to hear from members who do not have a
>tutoring center and how they handle these problems.  Additionally I
>would like to hear from Learning Center/Tutoring Center Directors who
>use a centralized tutoring location and whether they would willingly
>trade that for a decentralized system.
>Rob Ciervo
>Robert L. Ciervo, Ph.D., Director
>Rutgers-Camden Learning Center
>Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Camden
>231 Armitage Hall
>Camden, NJ 08102
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