Hello Alsace,

To answer your questions, we provide tutoring in most 100-200 level courses
for 27 different disciplines (maths, most sciences, foreign language,
nursing... no History, no English or Literature, etc-- we refer those to
our Study Skills program or the University Writing Center).

We accept requests for service starting during advising for the previous
semester all the way up until the deadline to withdraw for classes without
penalty (which is usually just after mid-terms). We start placing students
with tutors for recurring weekly appointments starting the second week of
class, and can usually place most students within 48 hours to one week. The
other maybe 10%, we either need to recruit and hire a new tutor, or we need
to work with our existing staff to find creative appointment times.

Students who want tutoring assistance after our deadline are declined for
content tutoring, but can sign up to meet with a study skills specialist
any time prior to exams. We publish our tutoring request deadline in our
labs, in the hallways of our building, on the University calendar, and we
mention it in emails we send to tutors and students-- so students can't say
we didn't let them know in advance.

The reason we do this is because:
1. As you stated, it can take a week or two (or more) to find, hire, and
train a tutor on our policies. If we have to do that past midterms, the
student is only going to get maybe two weeks of tutoring before finals (and
since students using our services don't start to demonstrate improvement
until the third week, these students would effectively be outside of our
cohort analysis).
2. Students who don't know by midterms that they need help are going to be
drowning and frustrated when finals are looming. This makes them very
difficult to tutor, and really irritates our tutoring staff
3. Most of our tutors are students, and they typically can't take on any
additional times late in the semester due to having to prepare for their
own exams.
4. We don't want to encourage cramming or last ditch efforts. Instead, we
promote our services as "request a tutor when you register for the class!
If you don't need it, you can drop it at any time. If you wait to sign up,
you might not get one when you need it."

Every semester, we have a small number of students who aren't happy with
our deadline and want to fuss because they have "legitimate need for
assistance", but typically, since we have the same policy across the board,
they usually come to understand, especially if we can refer them to other
services on campus. This year we made an exception to the deadline for a
student who was returning to classes after a month off in the middle (due
to extreme medical problems). The Dean of Students advocated on the
student's behalf and we allowed him to get a tutor after the deadline. But
that is extremely rare.

I find the key is to be proactive with advertising your services,
especially during advising and with your college's advising staff; and to
advertise the deadline and some of the reasons (we publicize reasons 1, 3,
and 4, above) in as many places as you can.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you want more info.


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Good afternoon.

Do any of you have a policy regarding courses that you do or do not provide
tutoring?  And also do you have an end date that students can request a
tutor for a subject you do not have a tutor?  We have a student that has
come with less than one week left, and it takes about two weeks to hire and
train a tutor.  Any information you can provide regarding your policies
would be helpful.


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