I use several of the methods  discussed by others in assessing/evaluating all tutors: self-evaluation; client surveys; direct observation; informal assessment during training.

When concerns arise-and this has happened only rarely so far-I will look at additional data as the situation warrants, and set targets accordingly. For instance, I have one tutor who currently is "on notice"; a critical piece of data in her case is the (low) number of return appointments by her tutees. I have also targeted her "idle rate" compared to the center as a whole. These data were only considered once a problem was identified through the usual means of assessment, but now form the basis of her ongoing evaluation.

Incidentally, I think we need to be careful in this discussion to distinguish those activities we use to assess<> tutors from those we use to evaluate<>. While there certainly is overlap, I think it's useful to view these as separate and distinct practices.

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# Several years ago I wrote an article for the CRLA Learning Assistance

# Center Management Special Interest Group newsletter about evaluating

# tutors.  It generated some discussion and sharing of ideas.


# Last week, at the Redrock Conference a woman asked for a TutorTrac

# report that showed student grade and tutor's name.  Someone in the

# group asked her why she needed such a report.  She replied that she

# wanted to use it to evaluate her tutors.  Kelly Corder, the CEO of

# Redrock, sagely commented that he was not aware of a correlation

# between student grades and tutor.  The woman responded with, "if the

# tutor met with 10 students and they all failed I'd want to look more

# closely at that tutor."


# That comment has been echoing in my mind for the last 4 days.  Because

# it is nearing the end of the semester for many of us, maybe it's time

# we begin a discussion of effective ways to evaluate tutors.  The

# discussion can benefit us all.  How do you evaluate your tutoring

# staff?  Have your methods changed over time?


# Thanks!

# Dorothy



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