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Hi all,

Please consider submitting a paper to the ContextDD workshop,
co-located with ACM KDD 2012 conference being held in Beijing this
year. Only one month left and it is due May 8.




ContextDD 2012: ACM KDD 2012 International Workshop on Context
Discovery and Data Mining
In conjunction with ACM KDD 2012
Beijing, China, 12 - 16 August, 2012

With the emergence of mobile computing and social networking, there is
a huge amount of data that can be collected and studied.  Smartphones
provide a unique platform for studying human behaviour and the
environment in ways that were never dreamed before, because they can
record context from sensors embedded in the device.  According to Dey,
context can be defined as any information that can be used to
characterize the situation of an entity where the entity is a person,
place or object that is considered relevant to the interaction between
a user and an application, including the user and applications
themselves.  Perhaps, the most ubiquitous and often collected context
is that of location, which is usually GPS for building location-based
services.  This has given birth to context-aware computing, being able
to use context in a computing framework for ubiquitous computing
applications and mining human intelligence.  There has been much
research into defining context, context models and context inference,
but still many challenges on how to deal with the different types of
context that can be collected on a smartphone such as the
accelerometer and gyroscope, and context fusion, that is, how to make
sense of diverse types of context (such as social context, emotional
context, physical context, etc). in order to understand the task or

The ContextDD 2012 workshop is an international forum for researchers
and practitioners to present innovative ideas and results on all
aspects of context computing,  in particular coming from the data
perspective which includes theoretical foundations, techniques and
methods, tools and platforms, prototypes, evaluation, practical
implementations and applications for discovering and making sense of
context. The workshop aims to attract and bring together mobile
computing, cyber-physical computing, ubiquitous computing, social
computing and data mining researchers and practitioners with diverse
backgrounds who have an interest in context.  Our objectives in the
workshop are the following:

- Identify the various aspects of rich context mobile computing
- Review the state of the art of these algorithms and novel applications
- Gather researchers and practitioners in sharing their experiences on
context computing
- Identify further research challenges and topics needed to be
addressed on national and international level
- How to bridge the gap between context research in academia and
industry, and transition the research from lab to consumer
- Recommend strategies where short-term commercial and consumer values
may reasonably be expected;
- Create a research framework, agenda and social network for rich
context mobile computing for further collaboration after the workshop

The workshop will be a half day workshop. Besides research paper
presentations, the workshop will feature an Invited Talk (keynote) and
a Panel Discussion session. The workshop will be held in Beijing,
China in August 2012, in conjunction with the 18th ACM SIGKDD
Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2012)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Rich context data collection and how to collect different types of
context while taking energy efficiency into account
- Context modeling techniques
- Context processing, activity recognition, labeling, feature selection
- Context inference algorithms and performance: complexity and accuracy
- Context awareness methods and frameworks
- Context aggregation to semantics
- Algorithm for discovering, mining and reusing of context information
- Prototypes of context data processing
- User behaviour from context
- Applications of context discovery and data mining
- Contextual recommendation
- Mobile,social and human context
- Intelligent mobile systems, platform and framework that use context
- Context-aware services and applications
- Tool and evaluation support for context modeling and development
- Privacy and security issues with context data collection and use

Paper Submission Deadline:  May 8, 2012
Author Notification:  June 1, 2012
Final Manuscript:  June 18, 2012
Workshop date:  August 12, 2012

Authors are invited to submit original papers that must not have been
submitted to or published in any other workshop, conference, or
journal. The workshop will accept full papers describing completed
work, work-in-progress papers with preliminary results, as well as
short position papers reporting inspiring and intriguing new ideas.
Submissions must be in PDF format and not exceed 6 pages in length.
For detailed submission instructions, please visit the workshop

All papers will be peer-reviewed by members of the Program Committee
and be evaluated for originality, significance of the contribution,
technical correctness and presentation. At least one author of each
accepted papers must present their work at the workshop. Accepted
papers will be included in the ACM KDD 2012 Workshops proceedings
published by ACM (placed in ACM Digital Library) . Extended versions
of selected best papers will be considered for publication in special
issues of SCI-index international journals.

Workshop Chairs:
Jilei Tian, Nokia Research Center, China
Alvin Chin, Nokia Research Center, China
Enhong Chen, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Program Committee:
Guanling Chen, University of Massachussets-Lowell, USA
Li Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China
Yiqiang Chen, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China
Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Antti Eronen, Nokia Research Center, Tampere, Finland
Alfred Kobsa, University of California Irvine, USA
Jeff Pan, University of Aberdeen, UK
Mielikainen Taneli, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, US
Jianyong Wang, Tsinghua University, China
Xing Xie, Microsoft Research Asia, China
Linli Xu, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Zheng Yan, Xidian University China and Aalto University, Finland
Zhiwen Yu, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian, China
Daqiang Zhang, Institute Telecom SudParis, France
Yanyong Zhang, Rutgers University, USA
Yu Zheng, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China

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