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Dear all,
I am searching for work that has looked at creativity in/through networks.

What I have found so far is:

Uzzi, B. and Spiro J. (2005), Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World
Problem, American Journal of Sociology, 111:2

Jeffcutt, P. and Pratt, A.C. (2002), Managing Creativity in the Cultural
Industries, Creativity and Innovation Management, 11:4, 225-233

Perry-Smith, J.E. and Shalley, C.E. (2003), The Social Side of Creativity: A
Static and Dynamic Social Network Perspective, Academy of Management Review,
28:1, 89-106

Kijkuit, B. and van den Ende, J. (2007), The Organizational Life of an Idea:
Integrating Social Network, Creativity and Decision Making Perspectives,
Journal of Management Studies, 44:6, 863-882

Karlsson, C. (2010), Clusters, Networks and Creativity, CESIS Electronic
Working Paper Series, No. 235

Fleming, L. and Marx, M. (2006), Managing Creativity in Small Worlds,
California Management Review, 48:8, 6-27

If you know of additional literature linking networks/network position to
creativity, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Florian Aubke

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