We used NetTutor at the UVU Math Lab for over 10 years.  I can second
Courtney's endorsement. The biggest challenge is to get students to use
online help.

Kathy Van Wagoner
Director, Developmental Math
Weber State University

On 5/6/12 5:58 PM, "Courtney Frederick" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>This year we've begun using NetTutor, and it's working well for us so
>far. We've integrated it with our BlackBoard so it automatically shows up
>on every student's Bb page. It's a little clunky getting students signed
>in, but that's our fault, not NetTutor's. By going through Bb we can
>capture every student's use & keep non-students from logging in without
>pass codes.
>NT has a great whiteboard interface that has specialized tools for math,
>chem & writing. We've expanded their use to include physics & accounting
>(we use the math tools), biology (anatomy & physiology, using the chem
>tools), and philosophy (which has essentially been writing). You can
>offer both drop-in & scheduled sessions, 1-on-1 or groups, Q&A drop-offs,
>or even audio/visual sessions. We even purchased a few Bamboo tablets,
>which make using the whiteboard a cinch.
>We've chosen to do all the tutoring ourselves, but NT does offer their
>own cadre of great tutors, who are really open to following your unique
>policies/procedures & who are up on all the now-standard techniques of
>tutoring (i.e., they won't do students' homework for them, Socratic
>method, etc.). They even follow NTA's ethics. Their tutors can do all the
>online tutoring for you, your tutors can use their platform to do the
>tutoring themselves, or you can opt for a hybrid, which I suspect in the
>coming year we may do, so we can offer online tutoring late nights &
>weekends, when my staff can't do it.
>There is a bit of a learning curve, but then again I have yet to see one
>service where there isn't. You have to build a culture of online
>learning, and that takes a little time.
>But the two things that sold me on NetTutor above the others I surveyed
>(including a few you have listed) was (1) they will be iPad compatible by
>the end of this year (our freshmen are given iPads in their 1st
>semester), and (2) they have THE BEST customer service. Their team is
>very responsive & has worked with us patiently, helping us to determine
>what works best for our tutors & students. In fact, just recently out NT
>sales rep came and spent an afternoon with us to determine how they might
>better serve us. 
>We're still learning, but in this 1st year we've already begun to see
>about 10% of our sessions online, and I suspect it will only grow from
>there. One of my biggest fears about online tutoring was that it might
>serve to "teach" students that tutoring is only useful for last-minute
>questions and fix-it situations (we're really adamant about building
>relationships & addressing learning issues). However, using NT, the only
>difference in our sessions has been location & time--much more convenient
>for both students & tutors. The majority of the sessions we've held
>online this semester have been recurring, telling me that students still
>benefit from ongoing sessions, but that a fixed location is not necessary.
>Good luck,
>Courtney Frederick
>Academic Reinforcement Center
>English Summer Institute
>On May 5, 2012, at 12:00 PM, "Peter Pohler"
><[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I've been sifting through the different e-mail posts regarding online
>> tutoring, but I'd like to find a little more on the different online
>> tutoring systems used by colleges.  Our college is currently using
>> SmartThinking, but we're trying to explore other options (and costs.)
>> I'm trying to see if I can come up with a list of these companies so
>> it's a little easier for me (and hopefully others) to wrap my brain
>> around it.  Here's the ones I could find on the list:
>> AskOnline -
>> Brainfuse -
>> NetTutor - (a part of
>> Northwest eTutoring Consortium -
>> SmartThinking -
>> I am by no means assuming this is a complete list of companies, and any
>> input regarding Online Tutoring systems would be appreciated.  Along
>> with these outside systems, is anyone working on an "in-house" system?
>> I'd love to hear how you are integrating with your college's systems
>> (Blackboard, Banner, Sunguard, etc.)
>> Have a great day,
>> Peter Pohler
>> CLE Technician--Mid-Valley
>> Center for Learning Excellence
>> (956) 447-1269
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