Been using B100 produced in the SE from waste oils in 2 NWs and a Dodge Cummins since 2003, in Gainesville.

Use a tad of diesel in the winter for anti-gelling purposes. 


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> Subject: Recycling Local Waste Oil and Grease Into Biodiesel
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> Date: Monday, June 11, 2012, 10:40 AM
> <pre>Dear BEST,
> Please find below an article that discusses the conversion
> of waste cooking oil into biodiesel. Kumar Plocher,
> President of Yokayo Biofuels in California built his
> business on collecting used cooking oil and converting it to
> biodiesel. Presently, his company collects oil from more
> than 1,000 restaurants and produces nearly 500,0000 gallons
> of biodiesel each year, and has been collecting used oil
> since 2002. The article also briefly discusses the process
> of transesterification, which chemically reacts oils or fats
> with an alcohol to split the oil and recombine it with a
> methanol molecule to form methyl ester, or biodiesel.
> Recycling Local Waste Oil and Grease Into Biodiesel
> Link: <a title="Recycling Local Waste Oil Into Biodiesel"
> href=""
> target="_blank"></a>
> Diane Greer, "Recycling Local Waste Oil Into Biodiesel,"
> Biocycle July 2010, pg. 56-59.
> Sincerely,</pre>
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> <pre>Adrian Brene</pre>
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> Intern</pre>