<pre>Dear BEST,

Please find below an article that discusses the conversion of waste 
cooking oil into biodiesel. Kumar Plocher, President of Yokayo Biofuels 
in California built his business on collecting used cooking oil and 
converting it to biodiesel. Presently, his company collects oil from 
more than 1,000 restaurants and produces nearly 500,0000 gallons of 
biodiesel each year, and has been collecting used oil since 2002. The 
article also briefly discusses the process of transesterification, which 
chemically reacts oils or fats with an alcohol to split the oil and 
recombine it with a methanol molecule to form methyl ester, or 

Recycling Local Waste Oil and Grease Into Biodiesel

Link: <a title="Recycling Local Waste Oil Into Biodiesel" 

Diane Greer, "Recycling Local Waste Oil Into Biodiesel," Biocycle July 
2010, pg. 56-59.

<pre>Adrian Brene</pre>
<pre>Bioenergy and Sustainability School Intern</pre>