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Anaerobic digesters and food waste in the news! In the article below, two companies from Sacramento, California have broken ground on construction of the nation's largest biodigester. Atlas Disposal Industries and Clean World Partners partnered on the project, and when it is complete in October will handle 25 tons of food waste per day. It is reported that the Organic Waste Recycling Center will provide enough biofuel to supply it's own fleet of recycling trucks as well as electricity for it's own facility, displacing over 1 million gallons of diesel and diverting over 37,000 tons of food waste from the landfill each year. The facility is set to expand its processing to 100 tons of food waste a day in 2013. Hopefully this encourages other municipalities to utilize biodigestion and decreases the amount of food wastes going to the landfill!

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Tommie Brent Lovato
Bioenergy and Sustainability School Intern

Nationís Largest Commercial High Solid Waste-to-Energy Digester Begins Construction

Alternate Energy eMagazine

June 10, 2012