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Hi Jon,
you may find interesting this paper:

"Diverse Dimension Decomposition of an Itemset Space"
Tsytsarau et al., ICDM 2011.

Best Regards,
Michele Dallachiesa

On Jun 15, 2012, at 2:18 PM, Jon Brassey wrote:

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> Hi All,
> I apologise if this turns out to be a really basic request, I've not  
> been properly involved in SNA for many years.
> I'm involved in a clinical search engine and I'm acutely aware that  
> there are networks within this 'space', these include:
> 	 Between articles (e.g. citations, appearing in same journal)
> 	 Between users (e.g. same country, same clinical interests, same  
> search terms)
> 	 Between users and articles (e.g. articles viewed, articles saved)
> In my mind I'm picturing these as a series of networks which overlap  
> each other.  I'm really interested in examining these networks to  
> look for hidden value.  I can see this being used to improve search  
> results, facilitate 'serendipity' etc.
> Can anyone point me to suitable references to help explore this area  
> (overlapping networks of different 'types', networks and search,  
> networks and 'serendipity'?  Similarly, if any academics want to  
> work with us to exploit this potential I'd be delighted to discuss  
> this with them.
> Best wishes
> jon
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> Jon Brassey
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