This morning I flushed a chuck-wills-widow off its nest(darn) not realizing
it was there.  I heard it flush and looked in that direction and spotted 4
eggs.  However, the eggs were too far apart for the bird to be incubating
more than one of them.  The distance between the one she was probably on and
the furthest one was about 3 feet.  Perhaps she hasn't started incubating
yet and maybe she will move them together.

I walked away quickly so she would return and hadn't gone more than 30 feet
and flushed a second chuck from two eggs.

Now I hope other critters don't follow my scent and discover these nests.  I
did not walk up to either nest to try and prevent this from happening.


Judy Fisher, Seminole, Fl
- - -
Respect wildlife.
If a critter stops what it is doing,
chances are you are too close.

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