Date:	July 17, 2012

To:	Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff

From:	UF Graduate School

Subject:	  Reminder  2 Days left to Enter Faculty Escort Information in GIMS

As you know, the Graduate School announced a change in the procedure for collecting faculty escort information for doctoral degree candidates effective Spring 2012 ( 

We thank you for your efforts to collect faculty escort information for your Summer B/C doctoral candidates.  

For our colleagues who have not completed their efforts in this regard, we hope this reminder is helpful.

It may be helpful for you to know that entering faculty escort information can begin as soon as GIMS has been updated to reflect current term degree candidates.  

Please be advised that since the deadline for collecting faculty escort information is published as a featured highlight in the GIMS Alert message on the GIMS Home page, we will no longer send reminders.

Again, we thank you for your continued efforts.

Graduate School
University of Florida