Dear Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Staff – please remind your incoming graduate students to pre-register for the New Graduate Student Orientation.


Likewise, any new TAs (even if they are currently students) should pre-register for the New TA Orientation.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Karen Bradley

Associate Director

Graduate School


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Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 1:04 PM
To: LISTSERV Graduate Coordinators ([log in to unmask]); LISTSERV Graduate Staff ([log in to unmask])
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Subject: Pre-registration for New Graduate Student Orientation is now open - please send link to your new graduate students and new TAs




The pre-registration screen for the New Graduate Student Orientation and New Teaching Assistant Orientation is now open at


Please send this email to all your new graduate students and new teaching assistants, and ask them to complete it as soon as possible.


Additional information about orientation is available at


We look forward to welcoming the new students as they start their UF/Gator Nation graduate education experience!



The Graduate School

University of Florida