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Dear Colleagues,

Please see below for details on two positions in OBHR (one junior
level, the other senior level) at the University at Buffalo.  Please
note that we will be happy to meet with those interested in speaking
with us about these positions at the upcoming AOM meeting.

Best regards,
Prasad Balkundi

Prasad Balkundi, PhD

 274 Jacobs Management Center
School of Management
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000

phone: 716-645-3250

email: [log in to unmask]

Two  Tenure-­‐Track  Faculty  Positions  in  OBHR   School  of
Management,  University  at  Buffalo  (SUNY)
The  Department  of  Organization  and  Human  Resources  (OHR)  in
the  School  of  Management  at  the   University  at  Buffalo  (State
 University  of  New  York,  SUNY)  is  seeking  applicants  to  fill
two  tenure  track   faculty  positions,  one  at  the  rank  of
Assistant  Professor  and  the  other  at  the  rank  of  Associate
or  Full   Professor.    These  two  positions  are  part  of  a
larger  on-­‐going  effort  to  build  high  impact  research  and
teaching  excellence  in  organizational  behavior  and  human
resource  management  in  the  School.
Assistant  Professor  Position:    The  School  seeks  candidates  for
 a  tenure-­‐track  Assistant  Professor  in  the   area  of
Organizational  Behavior  and  Human  Resource  Management  for  Fall
2013.  Applicants  for  this   appointment  must  hold,  or  be
nearing  the  completion  of,  a  doctorate  degree  in  management
or  a   closely  related  field.  The  successful  candidate  must
demonstrate  the  motivation  and  capacity  to  excel  in   both
research  and  teaching.  Qualifications  will  include  a
demonstrated  interest  in,  and  capacity  to   conduct  research
publishable  in  top  academic  outlets,  as  well  as  an  ability
and  motivation  to  provide   excellent  teaching.    Successful
candidates  must  also  be  highly  collaborative,  collegial,  and
have  interests   in  being  part  of  and  contributing  to  a
department  and  school  that  is  actively  building  strong  ties
with  the   business  community  and  conducting  impactful  research
and  teaching.
Associate/Full  Professor  Position:    The  School  also  seeks
candidates  for  a  tenured  Associate  or  Full   Professor  in  the
area  of  Organizational  Behavior  and  Human  Resource  Management
for  Fall  2013.   Applicants  for  this  appointment  must  have  a
PhD  in  management  or  a  closely  related  field,  a  strong
demonstrated  record  of  publishing  in  top  academic  outlets,  a
clearly  demonstrated  ability  for  superior   teaching,  and  have
demonstrated  leadership  capabilities  through  providing  service
to  the  department,   school,  university  and  profession.
Although  open  to  research  and  teaching  focus,  we  particularly
 encourage  candidates  for  this  senior  level  position  who  have
interests  in  innovation  and/or  multilevel   approaches  that
complement  existing  faculty  strengths.    It  is  also  important
that  the  successful   candidate  desire  to  provide  academic
leadership  in  the  form  of  PhD  development  and  training,
mentoring  and  development  of  junior  faculty,  as  well  as  be
highly  collaborative  and  collegial  and  have   interests  in
contributing  to  a  department  and  school  that  is  actively
building  strong  ties  with  the   business  community  and
conducting  impactful  research  and  teaching.
The  Department  of  OHR  at  UB  consists  of  15  full-­‐time
faculty  members  with  an  impressive  range  of   research  and
teaching  expertise  in  management  who  include,  Muriel  Anderson,
Prasad  Balkundi,  Brian   Becker,  Robyn  Brouer,  Dianna  Cichocki,
Fred  Dansereau,  Nick  Everest,  Frank  Krzystofiak,  Jerry  Newman,
 Ray  Orrange,  Brad  Owens,  Many  Ann  Rogers,  Paul  Tesluk,
Darren  Treadway,  and  Jo  Zubeck.    The  OHR   Department  has  a
strong  research  culture  (e.g.,  in  the  past  year  OHR  faculty
have  had  research   published  in  Journal  of  Applied  Psychology,
 Academy  of  Management  Journal,  Organization  Science,
Personnel  Psychology,  Journal  of  Organizational  Behavior,
Journal  of  Management,  among  other  high   ranking  academic
journals)  and  highly  values  teaching  excellence  (several  OHR
faculty  have  won  notable   teaching  awards  and  are  recognized
as  top  teachers  in  the  School).
The  UB  School  of  Management  is  recognized  for  its  emphasis
on  real-­‐world  learning,  community  and   economic  impact,  and
the  global  perspective  of  its  faculty,  students  and  alumni.
The  school  has  been   ranked  by  Bloomberg  Businessweek,  the
Financial  Times,  Forbes,  U.S.  News  &  World  Report  and  The
Wall  Street  Journal  for  the  quality  of  its  programs  and  the
return  on  investment  it  provides  its  graduates.   For  more
information  about  the  UB  School  of  Management,  visit
The  University  at  Buffalo  is  a  premier  research-­‐intensive
public  university,  a  flagship  institution  in  the   State
University  of  New  York  system  and  its  largest  and  most
comprehensive  campus.  UB’s  more  than   28,000  students  pursue
their  academic  interests  through  more  than  300  undergraduate,
graduate  and   professional  degree  programs.  Founded  in  1846,
the  University  at  Buffalo  is  a  member  of  the   Association  of
 American  Universities.
UB  is  located  in  Buffalo,  NY,  which  is  located  on  Lake
Erie,  close  to  Niagara  Falls,  and  a  short  distance   from
Toronto  and  other  attractions,  and  is  a  city  that  features
world-­‐class  art  galleries  and  museums   (American  Style  ranked
 Buffalo  as  the  #1  arts  destination  for  all  mid-­‐size
cities),  impressive  architecture,   and  a  wonderful  series  of
parks  and  outdoor  recreation  areas.    These  features  along
with  the  economic   and  cultural  revitalization  being
experienced  by  the  city  and  surrounding  region  and  its  low
cost  of  living,   make  the  region  highly  attractive  to  many
as  a  place  to  live  as  evidenced  by  Buffalo’s  top  rankings
as  a   place  to  live  in  multiple  categories  (e.g.,­‐code/new_york/buffalo/14231).     The
UB  School  of  Management  is  physically  located  at  UB’s  main
campus  location  just  outside  of  Buffalo   in  Amherst,  NY,  a
town  which  has  been  ranked  as  the  Safest  City  in  America
and  ranked  by  CNN  Money   Magazine  in  the  ”Top  50  Places  to
Live”  in  the  US  (see  and  provides
another  highly  desirable  range  of   living  options.
Application  Process:  Applicants  should  send  a  vita,  research
and  teaching  statement(s),  evidence  of   teaching  effectiveness
(i.e.,  teaching  ratings),  and  three  letters  of  recommendation
to:  Ms.  Cheryl   Tubisz,  Program  Coordinator
([log in to unmask]),  Department  of  Organization  and  Human
Resources,   280  Jacobs  Management  Center,  University  at
Buffalo,  Buffalo,  NY  14260-­‐4000,  Telephone:    (716)  645-­‐
3280,  Fax:    (716)  645-­‐2863.  Applications  should  be  submitted
 by  October  1,  2012  and  will  be  reviewed   until  the  position
 is  filled.  For  additional  information,  contact  Paul  Tesluk,
E-­‐mail:  [log in to unmask]   University  at  Buffalo  is  an
Equal  Opportunity/Affirmative  Action  Employer.  Women,  minorities
and   persons  with  disabilities  are  encouraged  to  apply.

We  will  be  conducting  some  interviews  and  meetings  with
potential  candidates  at  the  Academy  of   Management  Meetings  in
 Boston.  For  those  interested,  please  send  an  email  indicating
 your  interest   in  the  specific  position  and  a  CV  to  Ms.
Cheryl  Tubisz  ([log in to unmask])  and  desire  to  meeting  with
OHR  faculty  member  at  the  Academy  meeting.

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