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*Workshop on Information and Decisions in Social Networks*

*November 8-9, 2012*

*Massachusetts Institute of Technology*****

Interdisciplinary workshop for researchers working on information and
decisions in social networks.

During the last decade, it has become clear that network interactions have
a much larger role in our lives than had previously been appreciated:
social networks have a defining impact on not only consumer choice but are
also central in social and political decisions ranging from the political
discourse in the blogosphere to the organization and coordination of
protests in the Arab spring.  Similarly financial networks seem at the
heart of the 2008 crash. Network effects are now seen as major elements in
other domains with human decisions including healthcare, public health,
smart power grids, urban transportation, and more. As a consequence, both
businesses and government are increasingly looking to build new types of
networks to improve management abilities.

This workshop is intended to bring together researchers from different
communities working on information propagation and decision making in
social networks to investigate both rigorous models that highlight
capabilities and limitations of such networks as well as empirical and
simulations studies of how people exchange information, influence each
other, make decisions and develop social interactions.

The workshop is organized by the virtual center Connection Science and
Engineering, <> a multidisciplinary and
interdepartmental MIT center that focuses on developing an integrated
framework for the study of the connected world we live in. The center is
hosted jointly by Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Media Lab <>, and Computer Science and Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) <>.****

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Registration is now open. Please visit the workshop website  to complete your registration. We have limited
seating available and registration will be processed on a first-come
first-serve basis.

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*Submission Instructions:*

All contributions, theoretical, empirical, and experimental, on social
networks are welcome. There will be no published proceeding. The material
submitted to the workshop may also be submitted elsewhere. Authors are
invited to submit an abstract of one to three pages by the deadline of
September 15, 2012. Submissions should include the title, author(s),
affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es) on the first page. Pages of the
abstract should not be numbered. Electronic submission of manuscripts in
PDF format is required.

Please send your manuscript directly to [log in to unmask] by
September 15, 2012. ****

*Important Dates*

June 2012: Registration begins

September 15, 2012: Submission deadline

October 10, 2012: Program available

November 8-9, 2012: Workshop****

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    Frank Alexander, LANL****

    Vincent Blondel, UCLouvain (Belgium) and LIDS, MIT****

    Costis Daskalakis <>, CSAIL, MIT****

    David Gamarnik <>, Sloan
School, MIT****

    Asu Ozdaglar <>, LIDS, MIT****

    Alex 'Sandy' Pentland <>, Media Lab,

    Devavrat Shah <>, LIDS, MIT****

   John Tsitsiklis <>, LIDS, MIT****

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*Scientific committee*

* *

Daron Acemoglu ****

Itai Ashlagi****

Laszlo Barabasi****

Kostas Bimpikis   ****

Larry Blume   ****

Damon Centola   ****

Munther Dahleh  ****

Costis Daskalakis    **

Ben Golub  ****

Marta Gonzalez  ****

Sanjeev Goyal   **

Julien Hendrickx  ****

Cesar Hidalgo ****

Ali Jadbabaie ****

Patrick Jaillet ****

Sep Kamvar ****

Gary King****

David Lazer  ****

Jure Leskovec ****

Andrew W. Lo ****

Mihai Manea ****

Andrew McAfee ****

Christos Papadimitriou  ****

Pablo Parrilo ****

R. Ravi****

Whitman Richards ****

Alessandro Vespignani   ****

John Williams ****

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Brian C. Keegan
Ph.D. Student - Media, Technology, & Society
School of Communication, Northwestern University

Science of Networks in Communities, Laboratory for Collaborative Technology

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