Hello, All--

For several months I have been downlinking the digital
(HRPT) imagery from the NOAA polar orbit birds on
1.7 GHz as they pass overhead.

Attached is a low-resolution screen capture (false-color)
example of an overhead pass I captured recently from
NOAA-18.  Displayed directly from the receiver, the
imagery can be zoomed into to show more ground detail.
There are several NOAA HRPT birds sending down
continuous digital HRPT imagery and one of them passes
close enough to provide great Florida ground/cloud images
every couple of hours.

I track the birds with a 5-foot dish using a pair of
computer-controlled AZ & EL rotors.  The birds circle
the earth roughly every 100 minutes and a typical
overhead pass takes about 8 or 9 minutes to go from
horizon to horizon.

See the attached photo of my tracking platform behind
the workshop at my home.   The 1.7 GHz telemetry signal
from the feed LNA is down-converted to VHF and sent to
a receiver which demodulates, decodes and formats the
data for display on my computer.

Imagery from any given overhead satellite pass can be
seen directly off the birds a long time before it is available
from any Internet source.

Mike Baker WA4HFR
Gainesville/Micanopy, FL  USA

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