Date:   August 22, 2012

To:     All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff

From:   GA Benefits Office
        UF Division of Human Resources

RE:     URGENT: GAs and Pre-Docs Must Enroll For GatorGradCare by 9/14/2012!

The GatorGradCare enrollment period for the 2012-2013 Academic Year is currently open! All eligible students must submit a new GatorGradCare enrollment for the 2012-2013 Academic Year. Enrollment is not automatic! Students interested in being covered under GatorGradCare for the 2012-2013 Academic year must log onto and complete the online enrollment. The deadline to enroll for the Annual, Fall/Spring, or Fall only plans is September 14, 2012.  

We strongly encourage those graduate students who will be on a Graduate Appointment (RA or TA) or Pre-doc Fellowship for both the fall and spring semesters of the 2012-2013 Academic Year to enroll in the Annual plan. The Annual plan will provide summer coverage regardless of student status for the summer as long as the graduate student meets the eligibility requirements for both the fall and spring semesters.   
We appreciate the ongoing communication efforts you conduct to inform the eligible graduate students in your areas about the enrollment site and coverage information. There have already been 2470 GatorGradCare enrollments submitted!   

The GatorGradCare eligibility criteria, brochure and other related information can be found on the Human Resource Services website at 

Other Important Information: 

Prior to processing GatorGradCare enrollments, eligibility criteria is approved by the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office following the drop/add period which ends on August 28, 2012.  It is imperative that departments complete all appointment processes, enter ePAF transactions and allow time for each level of approvers to approve the appointment prior to August 28, 2012, so GatorGradCare enrollees can have their insurance coverage activated as quickly as possible.  Any delay in loading the TA, RA, or Pre-doc Fellow appointments, Letter of Appointments, and Tuition Waivers will delay insurance coverage for the GatorGradCare enrollees.   Please advise the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office at [log in to unmask] if there are any delays with processing appointments in your department.  

GatorGradCare enrollees who terminate or apply for a medical withdrawal prior to the end of their employment contract should contact the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office as soon as possible to ensure they receive information regarding their GatorGradCare coverage.  Typically, GatorGradCare coverage will terminate on the date that the GatorGradCare enrollee terminates, if the termination is prior to the end of their employment contract. 
Graduate Assistants and Pre-Doc Fellows who submit GatorGradCare enrollments need to maintain valid mailing addresses in PeopleSoft. GatorGradCare enrollment files that are transferred to the insurance company include the last local home mailing address that was listed in PeopleSoft.  The street number, street name, and apartment number if applicable should all be listed in Address Line 3.  

Thank you for your ongoing support!

(For a PDF version of this announcement you can print, post or distribute to your GAs and Pre-Doc Fellows: