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The American Political Science Association meeting is a month away. As
the new Membership Chair of the APSA Political Networks Section, I
encourage you to join/renew your membership. Just log in to MyAPSA and
click "Renew APSA and section memberships."

As of today the section has 232 members. This is a solid figure, but
over the last 90 days we've lost 46 members. We need to maintain a
membership count above 250 if we're to last as an organized APSA

We're already seeing many benefits of forming the section. Network
research is gaining increased attention in the discipline and in
popular journalism, and networks-based articles are increasingly
finding homes in leading academic journals (including the new journal,
Social Networks, started this year). These successes are due to the
efforts of section members like you.

We are grateful for all your help in making us a successful new
section and would very much appreciate your continued membership.
Again, just log in to MyAPSA and click "Renew APSA and section

Thank you for your consideration. Please don't hesitate to contact me
with any questions. I hope to see you at APSA later this month.


Casey Klofstad
University of Miami
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