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Hi all!

We are working on a project on anti-human trafficking networks and we 
are looking for a script for merging multiple nodes in a relational 
network matrix. I have done it manually by summing the edges for a given 
set of nodes and renaming as a summed node (i.e. counting all members of 
a family as a single family node rather than individual nodes). This is 
too cumbersome for multiple datasets, so we are looking for a function 
that merges nodes based on a script to produce a transformed dataset, 
preferably in R or UCINet, but Pajek or something else would be OK too. 
We would then use this transformed dataset to run network metrics like 
in-degree/out-degree, etc. at the Producer level.

Some context: We are analyzing hyperlink network files 
that read as directed out-link/in-link counts based on a URL to URL 
matrix. However, most of our coded data is read at what we call the 
Producer level. The problem is that some Producers are responsible for 
multiple URLs. To analyze the hyperlink matrix alongside the coded data 
at the Producer level, we need to merge a given set of URL nodes into a 
single Producer node.

Thank you for any suggestions you might have!


Amoshaun Toft, PhD
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
University of Washington, Bothell
UW 1-143 ; 425-352-3210
[log in to unmask] ; @amoshaun

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