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> Dear Members,
> Are there any guidelines on how to "trim down" networks when one has
> weighted edges? I use to throw out edges below a certain threshold
> (e.g. users exchanging less than 1 tweet a month or so). The resulting
> network gives much better network measures (e.g. betweeness) removing
> all these  "clutter" edges from it. Has this procedure been used in
> some recent SNA papers ? The only similar filtering application I
> found in Tsvetovat's book on social network analysis where he calls
> this procedure the "island method". (p 62)

  I call this approach line/vertex cut depending on line/vertex
  property used. See pages 8251-8252 in

  Batagelj, V.: Social Network Analysis, Large-Scale. R.A. Meyers, ed.,
  Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, Springer 2009:

  They are available in Pajek almost from its beginning. In 2003
  we enhanced the cuts approach with the islands approach - see
  pages 8254-8256 or in more details on slides

  Also islands approach is available in Pajek (from 2004).

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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