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We recently ran a complete network web survey with 117 organizations were we used a pre-complied list of all 117 organizations sorted by country. It went ok, however I think, based on respondents' feedbacks, that browsing through a list of significant more organizations/names than 117 might make it too tiring for respondents to fill in their relations. If >200 organizations or so are to be included in a pre-compiled list, I think it will be necessarily to use some kind of intelligent search/filter function to avoid drowning the respondent with names. Perhaps others on the list have some experiences on this? Would be very interesting to hear about!

The web survey and the results are presented in "Österblom, H., & Bodin, Ö. (2012). Global Cooperation among Diverse Organizations to Reduce Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean. Conservation Biology, 26(4), 638-64".  The layout of the online survey is part of the supplementary material.

Hopefully this might be useful,

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Hello everybody,

My research team is working on a survey project on reform promotion tools: =
http://irtheoryandpractice.wm.edu/projects/reform_incentives/, part of whic=
h is an organizational network analysis. For the project, I would like to g=
ain some relevant skills in R, and was wondering if there were any good tut=
orials out there. All suggestions would be helpful!

Also, when asking respondents about interorganizational ties, we are trying=
to decide whether to use open survey questions or to provide fixed lists o=
f organizations. We want to develop complete network maps by country and po=
licy domain. Are there any precedents for this in large organizational netw=
ork survey research?

Zachary Rice

Survey Methodologist / Project Manager
Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations
The College of William and Mary
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