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Subject: Course Announcement - Pollutant Transport

Can you send out this Course Announcement PDF to students and faculty.

ENV 6050 Advanced Pollutant Transport
Fall 2012

Instructor:  		M.D. Annable (Phone: 392-3294: 580D Weil Hall)

Class time: 		Period 6&7 12:50 pm – 2:05 pm T-Th   BLK 213
Office Hours: 		Period 8 T-Th 580D Weil Hall

General Course Description:  The primary focus of the course will be on transport processes in surface water bodies.  The advective-dispersive transport equation will be developed and analytical solutions to boundary value problems presented.  These solutions are applied to problems of mixing in surface water bodies with homework problems that include design considerations.  A design project will look at maximum allowable mass discharge in a surface water system given water quality constraints (student can propose a design project matching their interests).  Mixing in reservoirs and cooling pond design will be covered. The last portion of the course will look at application of transport theory to conduit contaminant transport in Karst spring systems.