Given the status and situation report from Patrick, I'd suggest

Kahului (OGG) as an alternative  

You could then request the others that will be fighting the crowds, paying
$45/day for parking and maybe never seeing their luggage again to live tweet
the keynote, meetings and sessions for you, while you lie on the beach. 
Overall the cost will be a wash.

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BTW, if you're looking for eats while you're there...  
    great place, excellent selection of food  
     great food and a fantastic show, grill cooking in the open kitchen  
     similar to Fogo de Chao, but I liked it better this place is not cheap,
but is you go, plan to leave in a MEAT COMA!! 

     ONLY if you go to the REAL one on Lower Michigan Avenue (this is the
place they spoofed on Saturday Night Live for years)  It’s more for the
experience than the food  
    If you want an AUTHENTIC Italian Beef Sandwich, or a Chicago Dog
(Portillo’s makes great dogs too) 
    ask 6 people and you’ll get 6 different answers, but I hear THIS is THE
place for Chicago style pizza

That’s all I’ve got… I’m sure you’ll find SOMETHING you like here =)

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