Dear All, 


Before we are consumed with storm coverage, thought a few things would be of interest (we have been talking about the pewees) inspite the fact that these are late posts. I have been on the mend from a camping fall. Have been in the field everyday but have not posted. 


August 21 I had a Eastern Wood-Pewee with a bunch of Red-e yed Vireos, lots of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, an American Redstart and several Prairie Warblers along with the usual suspects. This was the same day the Duncans at Gulf Breeze reported a mini fallout including an EAWP. How did I ID the Pewee? Luckily he vocalized. 


July 31 had a Northern Waterthrush. My first migrant.  Due to all the rain, he visited vegetated ditches full of water  along an old logging road . Interestingly enough, this summer on June 2 in the Bankhead NF, Winston County, Alabama, I saw a Louisiana Waterthrush followed by 2 fledglings walking along the bank of the Sipsey Fork River. This river, a tributary of the Black Warrior River, flows along the southern boundary of the Sipsey Wilderness Area. I made the same sighting of the LOWA and young, in the same place about year ago in 2011. This area is great for birding. 

What other migrants have I seen at Bayard as we go into fall? N ot much . Some of the same. Ocassional Red-eyed Vireos , Nor ther n Parulas, a Redstart or two, Prairies, variable numbers of gnatcatchers. The Belted Kingfishers came back on August 11.  Perhaps the current winds will bring some goodies. 

Good birding to all. 

Lenore McCullagh 

Orange PARK, 

Clay County 

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