Hi CHSCers!

I hope all of you guys are having a good semester so far and are getting into the groove of things again. Sorry I couldn't get them out sooner, but I finally have our meeting dates & rooms finalized. They are as follows:

*All meetings will start promptly at 7:30 PM

Next Tuesday we will be having free pizza for those who attend the first meeting! We also have an incentive for all returning members to receive one extra point toward their "meeting points" by bringing a friend (who would be interested in joining, of course!) to the first meeting next week. 

You are only allowed to receive one extra "meeting point" no matter how many friends you bring with you. We consider a returning member as those who attended at least one event last semester and received points on our spreadsheet. Remember this is a great opportunity to get the two points needed for this category in order to be considered an active member, as we only have 3 meetings this semester! 

See you guys next week!  :) 

K. Leilani Sanft
Vice President
Community Health Serivce Corps
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