Central Winds continues to amaze me.  This morning before work I was there
with a couple other people, and we found 9 species in the park before I
left at 9am: Cape May, Yellow, Yellow-throated, Pine, Common Yellowthroat,
Ovenbird, Northern Parula, Northern Waterthrush, and American Redstart.  If
I've compiled what others have seen properly, that means a total of 17 have
been seen there over the last two days.  Here's what I believe has been
seen (I've only seen 15 of these myself in the park):

   1. American Redstart
   2. Black-and-white
   3. Black-throated Blue
   4. Blackburnian
   5. Cape May
   6. Chestnut-sided
   7. Common Yellowthroat
   8. Golden-winged
   9. Northern Parula
   10. Northern Waterthrush
   11. Ovenbird
   12. Pine
   13. Prairie
   14. Prothonotary
   15. Worm-eating
   16. Yellow
   17. Yellow-throated

I've posted photos from this morning at
 Central Winds is west of rte 417 and north of rte 434 in Winter Springs,

Happy birding,

Scott Simmons
Winter Park, FL

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