As I understand the Federal FOIA, it applies to any individual, citizen or

I am a BIG fan of our country, and one of the reasons I think our country
is so awesome is the fact that the states retain some amount of
sovreignty.  In this case, however, because each state's activities
contributes to America's success or failure to one degree or another, I'd
be frustrated to not have the ability to seek records on issues that
occured in a state in which I do not pay taxes, etc.

For example, say a person was running for a national political office
(which arguably could have an effect on me, personally if they are
elected) and they formerly were a member of a state or local goverment
entity.  What happens if I wanted to check those records?  Would that fall
under Federal FOIA, or the state?  If you assume the state, and its laws
restrict open record access to only "direct constituents", then I guess I'd
have to rent an apartment or persuade a resident to make the request on my

On the flip side, I completely understand the Commonwealth's POV ... it
costs money to respond to FOI requests, and so encouraging requests from
anyone, anywhere for any reason is a bit intimidating.  But, if you are a
taxpayer, you've already paid for it, or they'll get you on your next
paycheck. :)

I don't want this to turn into any kind of political debate, but rather
just serve as a good example of the complexities of living in a republic.

Julie J. Colgan, CRM

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