great question, I would be interested in what others have to say as well.

While I don't have any current accurate numbers, the following back of the
envelope calculus might prove insightful. In a former life I was the RM at
a large law firm. I don't have any current figures about it now it has been
so long since I was there but I imagine the numbers would be (within a
factor of 10) something like the following. Bear in mind that this is very
rough ball park type numbers

Assume total revenue = $100,000,000

Cost of RM program would include hard costs (storage fees, equipment,
supplies) Cost of staff salary & benefits, soft costs of space dedicated to
file storage & staff workspace which otherwise could be used in other

Staff costs = 750,000
Hard costs = 500,000
Soft costs = 300,000
total costs = 1,550,000 / 100,000,000 = 1.55%

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> How much percent of revenue do most large corporations spend on records
> management?  Thanks in advance for any information you can share!

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