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Dear all,

I found very interesting a presentation given at the Portoroz Sunbelt
in 2004 (visualization contest) on the recruitment networks of the EU
Football teams.
I would like to find that work and/or any publication deriving from
it. Further developed works on the topic ...  similar studies

I'm currently designing a course on empirical methods for the
management of sport (undergrad.) and I would like to give some
examples of studies from an SNA perspective.

Unfortunately I cannot remember who were the authors of the
presentation, nor I could find traces of it.
Any help in tracing that presentation will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


Dr. Teresio Poggio
Assistant Professor
School of Economics and Management
Universitätsplatz 1 - Piazzetta dell'Università, 1
39031 Bruneck-Brunico, Italy
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T: +39 0474 013642
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