Hi Water Institute Faculty and Students:


Please note that Dr. Matt Cohen is this Friday’s speaker in the CUAHSI Cyberseminar series.  Wes Henson, student representative to the Hydrologic Sciences Academic Cluster (HSAC), has arranged for  interested students and faculty to attend the cyberseminar together in 122 Rogers Hall, with an adjournment to O!O afterwards for further discussions.  See details below… all are welcome, HSAC affiliated or not.   If you can’t make the Rogers Hall meeting the link for the cyber seminar is in the CUAHSI email below this one.


CUAHSI Cyber Seminar and HSAC Student/Faculty Mixer
Friday October 16th 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In Situ Sensors for Measuring River Ecosystem Processes
Dr. Matt Cohen
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Frazier Rogers Hall Room 122


HSAC Student/Faculty Mixer (Not Sponsored)

4:00 PM- 5:00 PM

O!o Garden Grille



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Subject: Upcoming CUAHSI Cyberseminar: Friday (10/19) @ 3:00PM EST - Matthew Cohen (UFL)


Dear Colleagues,


We continue this week with CUAHSI's 2012 Fall Cyberseminar Series.

Theme: "Exploring Cutting Edge Techniques and Advances in Instrumentation"


When: Friday (10/19) at 3:00PM EST


Who: Matthew Cohen from the University of Florida is giving a presentation entitled In Situ Sensors for Measuring River Ecosystem Processes


How do I join?: To join the meeting go to: and enter as a "Guest."


***NOTE: When you join the Web portion of the meeting you will receive a prompt to enter your telephone number (e.g., format: 555-666-7777)***

  • Please note that it is not necessary to enter the prefix "+1"
  • The system will call you back and connect you automatically to the integrated audio portion of the meeting

    Audio Conference Details: (use if calling into the meeting from a telephone)
    Conference Number: 1-888-850-4523

    Participant Code: 449161


Please pass along the presentation information - we look forward to another great cyberseminar this week.


Best Regards,




Upcoming Fall Series Schedule: (Fridays at 3:00PM EST)

October 19: Matthew Cohen, University of Florida,

In Situ Sensors for Measuring River Ecosystem Processes

November 2: Kamini Singha, Colorado School of Mines,

Advances in Geophysical Tools for Estimating Hydrologic Parameters and Processes

November 9: John Selker, Oregon State University,

Methods in Hydrologic Science: The Synergies between Redundant Low-cost Wireless Sensors and the Data Cloud Come of Age

November 16: Steve Loheide, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Monitoring Hydroecologic Change in a Restored Riparian Wetland: A Need for Improved Soil Moisture Measurement Technology


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