Dear all,

If you are a science person, consider volunteering to judge the science fairs in our area. It is fun.
Email Pamela Fitzgerald, see below.

Kathleen McKee

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Subject: Last (Desperate) Call for Science Fair Judges

Calling all judges!  Now is the time for all good judges to come to the aid of the schools!

With only 23 days remaining before our first school science fairs begin, I am still desperately seeking science fair judges as follows:

11/15/12: URGENT-Santa Fe High School (Alachua); 8:30-3:00; 17 judges
11/15/12: Bishop Middle School (Gainesville); 8:30-1:00; 2 judges
11/27/12: Buchholz High School (Gainesville); 3:00-4:00; 2 judges
12/5/12: Ft. Clarke Middle School (Gainesville); 8:30-11:30; 5 judges
12/6/12: URGENT-Lincoln Middle School (Gainesville); 8:30-3:30; 18 judges
12/11/12: Westwood Middle School (Gainesville); 9:00-2:00; 2 judges
12/12/12: URGENT-Oak View Middle School (Newberry); 7:45-12:00; 21 judges

If you have already registered to judge this year:  Thank you!!  I am in the process of preparing and emailing confirmation packets, but if you haven't yet received yours, I appreciate your continued patience as I work my way through them.

If you have been waiting for your schedule to resolve so you can register:  Please consider judging at these schools.

If you know of colleagues (preferably at the graduate school level or above at this point) who may like to participate:  Please share this email with them.

TO REGISTER:  Please complete and return the attached registration form to me.

Many thanks for your kind consideration!  I know that with all of us working together we can fill these vacancies.

With best wishes and thanks,


Pam Fitzgerald
School Volunteer Program Specialist
Alachua County Public Schools
1725 SE 1st Avenue
Gainesville, FL  32641
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