Birding history will undoubtedly be rewritten by the FKH crew again very soon! The highest full season's count for Peregrine Falcon is 3,219 set in Kekoldi, Costa Rica in 2004, in the US & Canada at Florida Keys Hawkwatch in 2011 with 2,976! Following yesterday's world record daily total, the folks at FKH stand at 2,812 Peregrines for the season. This is a full 1,100 ahead of last season's record season count at the same date and there is A LOT of season left (in 2011 the FKH team recorded 1,271 Peregrines from 11 October through mid November). With winds staying strong (actually increasing) out of the NE for the next 2 days and then turning slightly ENE over the weekend, I suspect the US high season count will fall and probably the world record high season count by the beginning of next week as well! A great time for a trip to the keys if you want to be part of history in the making.

Here is a link to the Florida Keys Hawkwatch:


Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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Today at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch the daily Peregrine Falcon world record of 638 set
October 11, 2008 was broken with 651 counted today.
Jim Eager
Cape Canaveral 

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