I hope everyone is surviving midterms with a clear head! I have attached the meeting minutes from our last meeting to this email. If you were unable to attend and have questions about any of the events, please email the designated coordinator. 

During the meeting, I discussed the upcoming officer elections. In addition to the meeting minutes, I have attached our officer applications to this email. Officer applications are due November 9, 2012. Please check the meeting minutes to determine if you are an eligible student and member. We would like to ask all Freshmen to not apply for the President or Vice-President positions. These positions hold a lot of responsibility, and we feel that students with at least one year at UF will be better suited for them.

You can email me your application or you can submit a printed copy in an envelope to our mail box in the Student Involvement and Activities Center in Reitz Union. This room is on the third floor. Just ask the receptionist to put your envelope in the mailbox for Community Health Service Corps. If you email your application, please put "CHSC Officer Application" as the subject of your email.

Have a great day!

Michelle Lawson
Community Health Service Corps
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