This afternoon Darcy Love refound the beautiful male Vermilion Flycatcher in
Weekiwachee Preserve, Hernando County, and several of us were able to enjoy
it. The bird is partial to fence posts, though sometimes it would perch at
the top of shorter trees. It was located on both sides of the paved road
between the first metal gate that leads to a trail on the right (where it
was last seen a little before 5 PM) and another area of many fence posts at
a spot where the second white cross is painted on the road (ignore the first
white cross). The two locations are about one-quarter and one-half mile from
the main, south entrance on Osowaw Blvd.


To reach Weekiwachee Preserve, from the intersection of US-19 and Spring
Hill Drive (CR-574) in Spring Hill, Hernando County, just north of Wal-Mart,
turn west from the traffic light onto Osowaw Blvd. (CR-595), and follow the
road through a right and left turn, then turn right into the parking area
for the Preserve (0.7 miles from the traffic light). Start walking north on
the paved road.


Bev Hansen

Spring Hill, FL

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