Hi all, 

Went to Bald Point chasing the cold front, but forgot to bring my camera. 


At end of road, near the fishing dock, spent 15 minutes studying a Says Phoebe that was flycatching from the same branch with two Eastern Phoebes. 

It was the same size and had same behavior as the Easterns--tail dipping, flycatching. 

While Sibley's and Nat Geo describe a "pale rufous" or "tawny" belly, this bird was bright pink from vent to mid-breast.  

The throat and top third of breast were streaky gray.  And the forehead was pink in a certain light.  All of this coloration differs from the guides. 


The Western Kingbird was flycatching near the boardwalk/observation deck near the end of the road. 


Other highlights with this cold front: 

~200 white pelicans soaring high 

Many dozens of palm warblers arrived with the winds and were seen in flocks throughout the morning. 

Other warblers:  Many yellow rumps.  1 blackpoll, 1 black throated green, 1 yellow throated, 1 common yellowthroat, 1 (Northern?) waterthrush 

4 Merlins seen in same binoc view 

2 Peregrine falcons interacting 

Bald eagles: 2 adults, 1 juvenile  

House wren 

2 YB sapsuckers 

1 Chipping and 1 swamp sparrow 

summer tanager 


Great day for birding.  Wish I didn't forget the camera. 

Bill Phelan 


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