Karen discovered and I confirmed about 15 minutes later a  Harris'
Sparrow at our feeder at ca. 1600, 29 October 2012, in Calhoun County,
about 3 "air miles" SW. of Blountstown, Fl. The second sighting was a
leisurely view with binoculars at 3 meters for 3 or so minutes on a stump
feeder through a one way window we have on the back of our barn that looks
out over a  water and native plant bog we have created.

    The bird was a near perfect representation of the  Harris' Sparrow with
the brown head field mark shown on page 493 of Sibley. It is not 100% clear
to me but I think Sibley is showing 2 versions of an "Adult nonbreeding"
bird. Of the pair above the "Adult breeding" bird, we saw the one on the
left. Possibly, it is a "1st winter" bird per the caption above and a bit
to the left.

    Somebody clear that up for me if you would. (And by the way, Sibley has
"Harris's". Isn't this grammatically incorrect?) Thanks.

    I'll keep up the posts as we  resight this bird. Anyone is welcome to
stop by and do a feeder watch. Give us a call first.
Travis & KarenMacClendon
13755 SW Myers Dairy Rd.
Blountstown, Fl 32424
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