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Hi everyone,

I am interested in running simulations of social network changes over
time.  I would like the simulations to include changes in social ties and
changes in actor covariates/attributes over time, and ideally the changes
in ties and attributes of actors would be able to be influenced by the
current social ties and attributes of the actors (i.e., making ties with
actors who have similar attributes, and changing attributes to become
similar to other actors with social ties).

Does anyone know of any references or starting places that describe
mathematical or programmatic guides for doing this?

I was thinking of using a stocahstic actor-based modeling approach with
unweighted, directional ties (a la Snijders, van de Bundt, & Steglich,
2010), but could use other types of graphs (e.g., with non-directional
ties) as long as it allows the mutual influence of changes in social ties
and changes in actor covariates to be modeled over time.  I would be
interested incorporating some common network effects like transitivity,
reciprocity (if using directional ties), outdegree, and a few others that
will create networks that could have some plausible resemblance to
real-world networks.

Any references, program manuals, names to look into, etc. are greatly

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