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On 11/6/2012 8:10 AM, Joshua Introne wrote:
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Hi Derek - 

From a somewhat different angle, I've been using Palla's (2007) community evolution algorithm to perform evolutionary topic analysis in teams.  This is intended as a precursor to comparative analysis with social network dynamics.  

A version of our recently accepted CSCW publication on the approach is here:  http://www.academia.edu/2037735/Analyzing_the_Flow_of_Knowledge_in_Computer_Mediated_Teams.


Joshua Introne, Ph.D
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Center for Collective Intelligence
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hi josh,
                the paper looks very interesting. but the link requires access through facebook in order to download it. i do not, and will not join, facebook for privacy reasons. there might be others like me so it would nice if you could send a link that permits real access outside facebook. printing from the link is impossible.
with best wishes

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