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Sorry for double posting - forgot to change the subject...

Dear readers of the SOCNET list,

what method / procedure would you suggest: 

I have a directed one-mode network with two relations (both are valued, binary does also make sense) and additional actor attributes. All actors belong to either group A or group B and I know each actor's group membership. I would like to know whether the structural positions of actors in the networks differ systematically between the members of the two groups.

My intuition is that the members of both groups are located "in a similar way" in this two-relation network. Basically, I would like to show that members of both groups are "the same". How would you put this intuition to a proper test?

Thanks in advance,
Steffen Mohrenberg
Doctoral Student
Political Science Research Methods
University of Hamburg
Social Science Department
Allendeplatz 1 
20146 Hamburg
Phone.: +49 40 42838-4693

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