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Fellow SocNetters,

I am looking for suggestions on research (published or unpublished) that examines the micro-foundations of interorganizational relationships. In particular, I am interested in works that explore how characteristics of interorganizational ties influence the micro aspects of such ties such as the choice of boundary spanners involved in such ties, the number and characteristics of such boundary spanners and the formation or dissolution of interpersonal ties among boundary spanners (across organizations) or among individuals in the same organization. The metaphor I have in mind in exploring these cross-level relationships is Coleman's (1990) boat (or bathtub), which suggests that an understanding of macro-macro relationships requires an examination of how characteristics of macro phenomena (e.g., interorganizational ties) affect micro-level processes and how these micro processes affect macro outcomes. I will summarize the responses for this list. Thank you in advance.

With best regards,

Martin Goossen

Martin Goossen
PhD candidate
Department of Strategy
HEC Paris
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