This morning I went out to the Shiloh area of Merritt Island in search of
the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that was seen yesterday.  I drove to the
Shiloh parking lot and walked about a mile down the road to about the
county line (Brevard/Volusia).  I located the bird right where the 15mph
sign is located.

It stayed pretty low most of the time and sometimes it would fly low and
out of sight only to pop up a couple minutes later.  I found it a couple
times north and south of that sign, and one time I had a pretty good look
at it for a few minutes for some photos.  I posted photos of the bird at

From there I went to the BSEG boat ramp road in search of the Red-breasted
Nuthatches.  A couple people told me that they saw them earlier this
morning, but I never found them.  I searched for about 2 hours north and
south of the road to no avail.  I did find a Florida Scrub Jay in the Pine
Flatwoods Trail, though.

The entrance to the Shiloh area is just off of Rte 1 in Volusia County. I
took I-95 to Stuckway Rd to Rte 1 North, crossed the large bridge in
Volusia Co and then took a right into the entrance.  From this direction,
if you see Rte 3 you've gone too far.

Scott Simmons
Winter Park, FL

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