Not that the species is a rarity anymore this year, but I might as well note
that at least one was found in Ichetucknee Springs State Park along Pine
Ridge Trail this afternoon.  It (they? Possibly 2) was in a flock of
Carolina Chickadees and warblers feeding in an open, somewhat under burned,
sandhill community featuring large pines, hickories,  post and small turkey
oaks.  I heard the bird along with chickadees and was able to pish up into
open along with OC and YT warblers in a cluster of laurel oaks and vines
beneath the large long-leaf pine.


I noted about 5-10 Orange-crowned Warblers in the area and I have not seen
the species in my part of county this fall until today.  Travelling
companions with nuthatch?


Jerry Krummrich

Columbia City, Columbia County



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