The good news here is the season has only just begun and birds 

The good news here is the season has only just begun and birds like these RB Nuthatches and the "winter finches" will continue moving south throughout the winter. I was just in Cape May, NJ for their Autumn weekend (although bailed on Sunday due to a little storm you may have heard about) and Pine Siskins and Purple Finches were everywhere. Redpolls had been seen already as well. 

While there I subscribed to a cool text service they have for rare birds, and didn't unsubscribe yet because of my curiosity over the storm. On top of SP Skua today they have also reported 6 Evening Grosbeaks, and both Red & White-winged Crossbills. At any rate, keep your feeders stocked this year and study the flight calls of these winter finches. Cape May is at the same latitude as Washington DC, so if there are this many of these birds this far south this early in the season. We'll get some action here in Florida I'd think for sure! Keep your eyes & ears open everybody!

Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL

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Hi all,

I spent Monday searching for Red-breasted nuthatches from north Brevard to south St. John's County with no success.  There may be some out there, the winds were pretty high and there is a lot of habitat out there.  My search concentrated on pine stands along the SR 3 corridor from Scrub Jay Trail up to US 1.  After that I hit Tomoka State Park in Volusia, Princess Place in Flagler, and Faver Dykes State Park in St. John's.  Lots of habitat, no nuthatches.  Then I find out that Travis and Karen McClendon have a Harris's Sparrow at their place near Blountstown, after I set up for the night in St. Augustine.  I didn't get much sleep that night, but I got to see the sparrow the next morning.  I birded my way around Calhoun County and down the coast to Hickory Mound Impoundment in Taylor County where I finally found a Red-breasted nuthatch in a pine stand down by the coast.  Third state Harris's sparrow and third state Red-breasted nuthatch in the
 same day.  Ah, the life of a county lister.  If I had found a Rock pigeon in Liberty County, that would have been my favorite bird.  Liberty is the only county where I have not seen Rock Pigeon.

David Simpson

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