Hi CHSCers,

Being that our last meeting for this semester is right after 
Thanksgiving, I figured I'd inform you all of this point opportunity if 
you want to be considered an active member. Since the holidays are soon, 
rather than donate toys to Toys for Tots, which is a good charitable 
effort, CHSC had decided to go a different route as far as the toy drive 
recipients go. This semester we will be holding a toy drive for a local 
adoption agency and a sock drive for St.Francis House. Those of you who 
are scrambling for last minute points, this will be one of the last 
events of the semester where points will be awarded. We will be 
collecting toys for the local adoption agency that takes in kids who are 
mentally and emotionally abused and neglected. The programs provided by 
this organization include counseling until they are able to find a 
suitable and safe environment for the kids to be adopted into. For this 
toy drive, we will be collecting all types of toys ranging from barbies 
to remote control race cars, books, and learning toys it was even 
mentioned to me that some of the kids like Twilight of organization are 
Twilight fans, so if you want you could try donating either one of the 
previous movies or the dolls associated with the franchise. A  big 
disclaimer that must be taken into consideration when looking for toys 
to buy to donate, the toys cannot be anything that can be used as a 
weapon or guns ( i.e. not even toy water guns will not be accepted) and 
can not contain explicit content.  The meeting is Nov.27 and further 
details and questions about this point opportunity will be given and 
answered the day of the As far as the sock drive goes, 
St.Francis House greatly appreciates the personal hygiene bags that we 
created for them but are now looking for donations such as socks. I was 
informed when I dropped of the personal hygiene bags that since its 
getting colder, many of the residents, who spend a majority of their 
time outside, are looking for items to keep warm and when sometimes 
given socks, they end of wearing two pairs to keep warm. We are asking 
that you donate a new pair of unopened pack of socks, preferably the 
long ones since they can be used as unisex.If you wish to bring your 
donations to the next club meeting, you are more than welcomed to but 
will only be given a maximum of 2 points,1 point maximum for each 
donation drive, however if you decide to give more the organization 
would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully this will give you all enough 
time to buy the items if you wish to donate. If you have any further 
questions, please contact me at [log in to unmask]

Please remember the items must be new, unwrapped, and unopened.

Katherine Bratton
Co-Director of Community Service
Community Health Service Corps

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