Yesterday morning I got up early in the morning hoping to find an American
Woodcock at Marl Bed Flats at sunrise.  I did not find one, but it was
still a good morning.  It seems Grasshopper Sparrows are becoming more
reliable there.  On 11/19 I may have found one, but could not id it for
sure. On 11/26, I found two, and yesterday I found 2 or maybe 3. I also
found many Eastern Phoebes there.  While still hawking insects, they were
with the sparrows all through the grasses and other vegetation away from
the trees. I hadn't noticed this behavior from them before.  It was pretty
fun to see.

Other highlights were a Sora, a Northern Harrier, an Eastern Meadowlark,
and a flyover of two Lesser Scaup. I posted photos from yesterday morning

Also, after my last post from here, several people emailed me asking for
directions to Marl Bed Flats.  It is a little tricky to find, so I thought
I'd copy the directions from one of my emails here:

   1. From rte 417 (toll rd), take exit 49, Lake Mary Blvd to the east.
   2. Almost immediately take a right on rte 427
   3. Take another immediate right onto Sanford Ave.
   4. Follow Sanford Ave until you get to Pine Way, immediately before 417,
   and make a Left.
   5. Make a right on Mellonville Rd.  That will dead end into Oakway.
   6. Make a left onto Oakway.  This is the access rd to Marl Bed Flats.
    It a residential road, and it's very narrow--too narrow for two cars.
    Eventually the paving will end and you will see the gate to Marl Bed

Happy birding,

Scott Simmons
Winter Park, FL

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