Hey everyone,

I had my FOF (or FOW, I guess) Cedar Waxwings (4) this morning flying over Lake Pinelock.  My wife and I just bought a house on Keystone Drive, which runs south from Michigan and dead-ends at Lake Pinelock.  We moved in last week, and I've been enjoying my walks on my days off up and down my street.  Sometimes they just take 20 minutes, sometimes they take about an hour!  We've been pretty busy getting unpacked and settled, so it's been good to squeeze in some birding once or twice a day and not driving anywhere to do it.  There is a fenced-in dock area on Lake Pinelock that is county property with a No Tresspassing sign, but there's a mowed area on the right hand side outside of the fence where you can walk up to the lake.  There's just enough room to set up a scope.  

I've been keeping track on eBird (Keystone Dr./Lake Pinelock is the site name if you're curious).  I'm up to 55 species in about six days of birding.  Some of the other highlights have been:

9 Ruddy Ducks
6 Wood Storks
about 110 Double-Crested Cormorants (probably more) on the far side of the lake this morning
1 Brown Pelican, seen on more than half of my walks
2 Bonaparte's Gulls
at least 10 Forster's Terns
2 Barred Owls
2 Northern Flickers
1 Blue-Headed Vireo
1 House Wren
lots of American Robins
1 Gray Catbird
1 Pine Warbler
1 Prairie Warbler
1 American Goldfinch

As stated above, Keystone Drive runs south from Michigan St. in the southern downtown Orlando area (north-central Orange County), just south of Boone High School.  On the weekends it's a blinking yellow stoplight between Osceola and Mills, but it's a regular light during the week.  

Good birding,

John Thomton
Orlando, FL (Orange Co.)

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