See link for images of a flock of swans (species) over ocean off Amelia
Island and Scissor-tailed flycatcher at Fernandina Beach airfield. Following
several days of high winds, this morning offered the first opportunity to
conduct sea watches for alcids. From several vantage points on mid-Amelia
Island south to Nassau Sound, no alcids were sighted resting on the water or
in flight. A few common and red-throated loons, horned grebe and several
rafts of ducks were sighted from the shore along with DC cormorants, brown
pelicans, No. gannets and a single parasitic jaeger.  An unusual sighting
was a flock of five swans passing low over the ocean moving north.
Conflicting objectives of digiscoping the birds and/or noting field marks
prevented positive identification of the fast passing flock and the single
collected image is too blurred for identification.


Returning home, I noted a Scissor-tailed flycatcher perched on the perimeter
fence of the Fernandina airfield at the east end of the E-W runway. After a
brief rest on the fence, the bird flew into the airfield and landed on the
east edge of the tarmac where it could easily be missed by observers.
Today's sighting is within a few hundred meters of another STFL sighting on
the same fence ca ten years previously. 




Pat and Doris Leary

Fernandina Beach, FL 


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