It is hoped that nobody will hesitate to post sightings of alcids during this phenomenal invasion just because there have already been so many reports. Our Florida listservs are in close contact with the most avid birders in the state, and hence those most likely to see and identify alcids. Hence, the listservs  seem to be a very logical source from which to collect information including species, numbers, casualties,  ages of individuals, dates, behavior, and location (as finely tuned as possible).

Lucy Duncan
Gulf Breeze

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Since there have already been lots of pictures and reports of the Razorbills, I will add my observations from this morning also. I observed 14 Razorbills between the Anna Maria City pier and the Rod and Reel pier. At times, they came pretty close to the shore. What a sight; I just hope they fare well when it is time for them to return home.

Bob Snow
Lakeland, Florida

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