Dear All, 


Two tiny gray/white eaglet heads were first observed on 12/22/12 at the productive Bald Eagle nest adjacent to Black Creek and US17 in Clay County. 


I had been watching the nest since 11/18/12 but don't know when nesting started. On 12/09/12 an adult was sitting high in the nest and busy with some activity in the middle of the nest. I had been away 12/6-8 so may have missed first such activity. It continued until I saw the nestlings on the 22nd. Yesterday 12/23 the adult on the nest flew off about 1030 leaving the nestlings unattended. This morning we passed by the nest about 0920 and both adults were in trees by the Creek some trees away from the nest; however, when we returned at 1120, an adult was back on the nest feeding. 


Last year these adults fledged two young. I don't believe they did so the year before probably due to noisy restoration project at the near by Clay County Camp Chowenwaw which the County purchased from the Girl Scouts a few years ago. The nest has been active for some years and it is magnificent.  Unfortunately the nest does not sit on County property. Construction of a marina has been permitted on this nest land adjacent to Black Creek and  will probably begin soon. 

Good birding to all and Merry Christmas, 

Lenore McCullagh 

Orange Park 

Clay County

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